Welcome to Hope Sprigs!

 Welcome to Hope Sprigs!

Over the years, my relationship with blogging became a switch- on and off. Life happens. I was convinced that the best way to manage life is to prioritize needs (work, graduate school, family time) and shove aside other things I love (hobbies, interests). But I realized that to have a work-life balance, I should not dismiss the things that spark my passion- art, music, writing, and more. Fill my cup first before I can help fill others'.

Hence, I am back to writing and sharing everything dear to my heart. I hope to spread cheer, encouragement, and knowledge through my posts, just like the sprigs. It is the plant twig that serves a lot of things- as decoration, for cooking, and even planting. 

I am a critical care nurse by trade but a musician by heart. I love sharing information about music, health, holistic wellness, encouragement, inspiration, the love of Jesus, and so much more. I am married to a wonderful man, and we have a lovely daughter and a sweet miniature schnauzer. We were not born and raised in Texas, but we call it home. 

Thank you for stopping by! Hope we can be friends! 


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