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When you're inspired to call someone: Give them a call!

  Ever had the out-of-the-blue moment where you suddenly thought of someone you haven't heard of in a long while? You may not know why, but you desire to pick up the phone and dial the number of that person in your head. Well, I have.  After spending some time on a phone call with an old friend, I realized it was timely and necessary. But before I continue, let me tell you how I met Melissa (not her  true  name). One morning, I showed up at a local church in Texas. Melissa is one of the regular members. As a musician, I first noticed how dull the songs they sang were without accompaniment. So, with zeal and confidence, I offered to play the piano, and I learned that this was the first time anyone had played it for several years. Yes, the piano was clean, but it sure was quite rusty.  To their excitement, many came to me and introduced themselves. After meeting most church members, Melissa walked towards me with her warmest smile and welcomed me with a hug. And over potluck, I lear

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