When you're inspired to call someone: be a blessing!

 Ever had the out-of-the-blue moment where you suddenly thought of someone you haven't heard of in a long while? You may not know why, but you desire to pick up the phone and dial the number of that person in your head. Well, I have. 

After spending some time on a phone call with an old friend, I realized it was timely and necessary. But before I continue, let me tell you how I met Melissa (not her true name).

One morning, I showed up at a local church in Texas. Melissa is one of the regular members. As a musician, I first noticed how dull the songs they sang were without accompaniment. So, with zeal and confidence, I offered to play the piano, and I learned that this was the first time anyone had played it for several years. Yes, the piano was clean, but it sure was quite rusty. 

To their excitement, many came to me and introduced themselves. After meeting most church members, Melissa walked towards me with her warmest smile and welcomed me with a hug. And over potluck, I learned how long they prayed for a pianist, and I was the answer. 

It warmed my heart that God led me to a place I can bring honor and praise through music. I prayed that God would send me to a place where I could be an instrument and a blessing. Among the many States of America, God sent me to Texas!

Things were smooth and lovely for months in church. What a blessing! Until I learned about Melissa's indifference and jealousy toward me. She wasn't pleased about the church's support of me as the pianist. In her words, I took her spot. She refused any of my suggestions for church improvement.

Over time, I resented her, which evolved into a cold war between me and her. Eventually, I gave up trying to reconnect or care about the church. For over a year, we ceased all communications. 

When Melissa realized what had snowballed from her envy, she came to apologize. Not only did my heart turn cold, but it also hardened. Her multiple apologies didn't break the ice. As far as I am concerned, I am done with her.  

Thankfully, she didn't quit on me and kept praying for my heart to change and find forgiveness. 

It took two years of passing by and ignoring each other. But one tragic news struck me. My 5-year-old nephew passed away from a deadly virus. In just 4 days, he succumbed to its painful and excruciating disease process. The thought of him breaks my heart. 

His death shattered my heart, and I balled and lost all my strength that's left. He was like a son to me. At that moment, amidst the debilitating truth, I had to let all my guard down. I allowed people to come to comfort me and the family, including Melissa.

In our bereaving moment, our friendship was slowly restored. We have forgiven each other and loved each other even more. 

Fast forward. Now, going back to the phone call I just had. 

I was shattered after a breakup and had no idea how to put myself back together. That person on the other line was Melissa. She reminded me that forgiveness takes time- we must pull back and ceaselessly pray that God will work in our hearts to learn to forgive again. She reminded me of my stubbornness and how long it took me to let go and heal fully. 

Our conversation felt inspiring. That conversation was meant to happen. I learned so much from our experience. Melissa lifted me up, now that I needed a friend most. 

She told me to be patient and let God heal the hurt and pain. We ended the phone conversation with the words, "If it is meant to be and if he cares about you... after moping, he will come back!"

I am blessed with a great friend.

So, when you feel that urge to make that phone call, pick up the phone and do so. Because you will never know the blessing awaiting you when you do and how you could be a blessing to that person. 

Listen to that still, small voice. Do not rob someone of the opportunity to be a blessing to you, nor hinder yourself from being an instrument of hope for someone else today. You will never know what's in store for you unless you open your hands to receive God's blessings today. 


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