A Broken Fridge Story: Lifting your cares to God

 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4: 19 King James Version (KJV)

On June 5, 2018, my family and I visited Menlo Park, California, to see my Aunt. We were blessed to visit the Google headquarters, Facebook's main office at 1 Hacker Way, and the enormous Standford University. Also, we had the privilege to experience the Alcatraz boat tour under the Golden Gate bridge. Along with it was the encounter with an actual whale as it breathed through the surface, making its steamy breath of air and water. What an experience! 

I whispered to myself, "Life is good!"

However, amidst my amazing vacation days, my trusted friend texted me, "Your fridge was broken. I am sorry, but I had to throw all your food into the trash; they are rotten." 

I felt terrible about it, but I decided to focus on vacation and deal with the situation when I got home. 

A week passed by in the beautiful Palm Springs, California. 

June 15- Now back to reality and attempting to recover from the flu, I sat on my porch contemplating what to do. I cannot afford a new refrigerator, and loans, credit cards, or installment plans are separate from my options. So, I prayed, "Dear God, please grant me with unexpected blessing. You know what I need. Amen." After my prayers, I left all my cares to God as I should, and I was productive and focused on things I could control.

Two days later (June 17), I prayed again. "Dear God, I don't mind not having the comforts of a refrigerator. But my daughter needs comfort in a temperature of 100 Fahrenheit without a central air conditioning system. The situation pushes me to think of solutions to handle it myself."

As we waited for answers, I made frequent trips to the grocery store for food, bought ice for the ice chest, and changed my food menu for budgeting and consideration of food shelf life at room temperature. 

I don't know how to get a fridge replacement without accruing debts for it. However, I have high hopes that God will give me an unexpected blessing. 

On the third day (June 18), I received a phone call from a church friend. He learned about my concerns and told me he knew someone who could help. Expect to hear from him before Friday, he said. 

A few days passed. I was tired from work but had nothing to complain about. I haven't heard from my friend, no fridge yet, but I remain hopeful that God is taking care of this matter for me. He has helped me and blew my mind with His solutions in the past; a fridge is no biggie for Him this time.

Then come Thursday(June 21), I heard a loud knock on my door! I was not expecting anyone then, so I hesitated to look through my peephole. Lo and behold, I saw my friend from church with his big smile. I opened the door and saw three more people from the church carrying a pre-loved refrigerator! I called my dad and asked him to help our church family wheel the standard-size white refrigerator straight to my kitchen!

I couldn't be more thankful! An answered prayer indeed! 

Dear reader, 

I am sharing this story to encourage you. Look beyond your trying times, and cast all your cares upon Him. You may not need something material, but God is just as faithful as He promised to supply all your needs!

May you keep believing that there is God in heaven who is merciful, loving, and faithful to His words. Hope in Him. Lift all your cares upon Him and allow Him to lighten up your loads.

God has been so faithful to me and has rescued me countless times in the past. He will definitely do the same thing to you. 

Be blessed!


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